SPIT Epcon C8

Extreme performance resin, specifically formulated for extreme stud and rebar applications. Odour free, Epcon C8 is easy to inject at low temperatures and is approved for use in wet and diamond drilled holes.

Suitable for use in: Concrete, Solid brick, Solid stone, Solid block, Aerated concrete

Applications: Submerged installation, Water treatment, Pumps and pipework, Fixing steel framed structures, Rebar installations, Protective barriers and Electric insulation

Features and Advantages
- Suitable for use in cracked concrete
- Suitable for use in diamond drilled holes
- Suitable for dry, humid and submerged holes
- Easy to inject at low temperatures
- Reliable performance at high temperatures 100% performance 60deg and 70% performance at 80deg
- Phenol and Styrene free
- Minimum shrinkage - Improves long term performance in freeze and thaw cycles
- Vibration resistant
- Variable embedment

Available Sizes


    Spit Epcon C8 cartridge 450ml c/w 1 Nozzle and 1 Extension

    Spit Epcon C8 Manual Injection Tool (450ml) Premium

    Spit Epcon C8 Manual Injection Tool (450ml) Metal Frame





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