Spitfire P370E Ceiling Fastening SystemPowder Actuated

Spitfire P370E Ceiling Fastening System

The Spitfire P370E Ceiling Fastening System makes quick and easy work of fixing ceiling clips to concrete or composite decks for suspended ceilings or electrical fixtures.

-Overhead Deflection Head
-Brick Tie
-Composite Decking
-Dry Lining Track
-Insulation Panels
-Steel Grid

Features & Benefits

-Automatic piston return - High install rate with low user fatigue
-Magazine or single shot tool - Automatic firing of up to 10 pins using the magazine
-Disc system - All metal cartridges eliminate warping at high temperatures. Sequential disc system means less load wastage
-Power adjustment - Versatile: one pin and one load can be adapted to fix into different base materials
-Sequential shot - Contact pressure of 17kg needs to be applied to activate safety trigger
-Ergonomic soft grip rear handle Makes fixing a one handed operation
-Window - User can see if a disc is loaded in the tool
-Energy absorbing bumper - Absorbs vibration and reduces recoil during firing
-Reload identification marker - Informs the user when to reload
-Easy maintenance - The fastest powder tool to dismantle, clean and re-assemble allowing on site maintenance & reduced down time
-Universal piston - No need to change the piston for different substrates
-CE Marked
-Pole Tool available

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